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Eco-Challenge: Find balance on the Equinox

 Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet


As part of our commitment to Earth via our Laudato Si’ Action Plan, we are inviting everyone who shares in our charism to take a monthly Eco-Challenge with us.

A time of celestial balance

Two days each year, on the Spring and Autumn Equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial equator, and day and night are of approximately equal length. At the moment of equinox there is perfect balance, but look at how fleeting that moment is. This month, we invite you to spend time reflecting on balance and tipping points and noticing the changes that you see.

Equinox celebration

Sister Jane Comerford has prepared two prayer rituals to celebrate the equinox:

For those in the Northern Hemisphere:

For those in the Southern Hemisphere:

Illustration of the equinox, half day and half night

Take the Eco-Challenge

  • During this month, spend time outside and observe the changes that you see in nature. Notice how the light is changing as the seasons change.
  • Go outside and use one of our equinox prayers for your personal contemplation.
  • On the Equinox, use one of our equinox prayers with a group.

Spread the word

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  2. Share your commitment in the comments section below.
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I completed the March Eco-Challenge: Find balance on the equinox

4 thoughts on “Eco-Challenge: Find balance on the Equinox”

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    Cohokia Mounds also offers an Equinox Celebration at 6:45 on March 20. Here’s what their website says: “Join us as we welcome Spring! Meet at the Woodhenge reconstruction. Atop a ladder at the center post, Bill Iseminger will discuss the discovery and significance of the ancient calendar. Welcome the rising sun with Bill as he has done four times a year, during each solstice and equinox. Out of respect for Native beliefs, no ceremonies will take place during this event. For more information, call 618-346-5160.”

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    We, at Hale `Iokepa on Maui, are living on the traditional lands of the Kanaka Maoli. We have already changed to using mesh reusable/washable bags for grocery produce, re-usable zip lock bags, recycle vegetable trimmings either in making vegetable broth or putting them in the garden, have eliminated the large plastic liquid laundry detergent bottles and are using the dissolvable sheets, car-pool as often as possible, have eliminated liquid laundry softener and are using up our dryer sheets before turning to wool dryer balls. The garden grows beautifully and produce is shared with neighbors. Happy Equinox!

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    On the Equinox, I walked around a lake and sat on a bench to pray the provided Equinox prayer, as well as Joyce Rupp’s poem, Spring Equinox Rejoicing. I am noticing how the snow cover is receding in Minnesota, how ice still covers the lake, how plant stems are starting to emerge, how geese feed with their goslings tagging along.

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    Here in St. Louis Spring is coming and going on a rather regular basis, but the birds are still beginning to practice their individual songs early in the morning. My morning walks begin in the dark, but the moon is more quickly fading each morning. The heavens are fabulous when the skies aren’t raining. On March 20 I had my own prayer at 11:18 am here, then prayed the prepared prayer with another Sister-friend in the afternoon.

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