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Explore the Agrégée Call

Two women hug at the 2019 agrégée companion gathering

The agrégée commitment is an emerging relationship in our congregation. Agrégée companions embrace our charism and mission of unifying love of God and the dear neighbor without distinction. They are called to make a deep commitment to our congregation and to each other in community.

The agrégée commitment is characterized by:

  • Continual deepening of one’s spiritual lives
  • Participation in an annual retreat
  • Living simply in the spirit of Gospel values
  • Sustaining close community ties with other agrégée companions
  • Being responsible for one’s own personal financial matters
  • Participating in community gatherings
  • Making an annual financial contribution to the Sisters of St. Joseph
Participants at the agrégée meeting in 2019

The process of becoming an agrégée includes spiritual accompaniment with a mentor and community members. All persons are welcome to begin the discernment process to determine if they have the call and the desire to live this emerging agrégée commitment.

We’d love to talk with you

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