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Our sisters have served the dear neighbor in Peru since 1962, starting in a hospital and schools, then moving to where the people needed them most. Currently, the sisters minister in education, counseling services, pastoral ministry, social service ministries, and prayer ministry. They live in the city of Tacna and three sites in Lima: Canto Chico, Carapongo and Jesús Maria. Recently, a group of lay women have started an associate community in Peru called las amigas, living the charism in their daily lives and careers.

Recent examples of our charism in action in Peru

Sisters share during a retreat in Peru

With the country facing extreme shortages of medical oxygen due to COVID-19 crisis, the sisters partnered with others to start Respira Perú (Spanish for Breathe Peru), which raised money to build an oxygen plant that is now providing medical oxygen for those in need of oxygen at home or in the hospital.

The sisters continue to respond to new needs as they emerge, as well as continue in areas of ministry where the sisters have been serving for decades.  Several sisters serve in teaching and administration at the Fe y Alegria School (Spanish for Faith and Joy) in Tacna. For over 20 years, our sisters have provided an afterschool homework program for the neighborhood children in the Canto Chico neighborhood of Lima, with an ever-increasing number of those children continuing to university-level studies. Other sisters have ministries in counseling, food, a business incubator and prayer ministries.

Our ministries serve our dear neighbors who are the poorest and most in need. If you would like to help us, please donate to our Mission Fund.