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Volunteer as a St. Joseph Worker

The St. Joseph Worker Program is a year-long service opportunity for women ages 21-30 in preparation for a lifelong commitment to social change and personal transformation. Individual growth and development are built on the values of leadership, spirituality, social justice and intentional community grounded in living simply and sustainably. Rooted within the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Joseph Workers live the mission: “Love of God and the dear neighbor without distinction.”

St. Joseph Workers in Los Angeles

“The St. Joseph Worker program has given me so many opportunities and experiences that I believe I would’ve never gotten had I not been a part of this program. Whether you’re completely clueless as to what your next steps in life are or you know exactly what you want to do, this program is for you. The SJW Program gives you endless opportunities to recognize and build on your leadership, skills, passions, gifts and talents and blesses you with an amazing network of communities to support you through it all.”

Ceara Curry, St. Joseph Worker

Ceara Curry

St. Joseph Worker, 2019-20

Feeling such comfort and acceptance in a community was truly a formative experience. Singing and dancing in the kitchen while cleaning up after dinner, exchanging funny faces and one-liners as we pass, seeing the faces of my housemates and friends supporting me at work events.

I take with me the understanding that justice, spirituality and living in community are a way of life that is integral to who I am as a human being. In many ways, I feel more confident and self assured of my own gifts and talents.

St. Joseph Worker Karina Sieber

Karina Sieber

St. Joseph Worker 2020-21

About the program

Every volunteer is matched with a placement, where they spend a 36-hour workweek. One night a week is designated for Sharing of the Heart, a spiritual practice for the Sisters of St. Joseph during which each household spends an evening with spirituality, listening and learning from one another. In addition, the program includes weekly community nights, multiple retreats, social justice opportunities and other development activities to make the year a truly transformative experience

Hear from participants and coordinators of the St. Joseph Worker program in Los Angeles.

St. Joseph Worker sites

St. Joseph Worker volunteers currently live and serve in the following cities. Visit their websites for more information about how to apply.