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Younger sisters gathered together

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“The Spirit calls us to turn beyond ourselves to serve a world in need.”

Constitution of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Relationships are central to the spirit and mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Communion is the origin of our energy, moving us to serve our world in need. We invite you into our community! Below you’ll find more information about the variety of ways to join our family of Joseph.

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We are ordinary women who do together what we could not do individually—give communal and corporate witness to God’s love.

Through our religious vows, we profess lifelong conversion and witness. We listen attentively, we love freely and we live simply.

Sally Koch, CSJ

“As a Sister of St. Joseph, the vows to me are in constant dialogue with my intuition and my relationship with the Divine. They are ways of living that grow deeper throughout my journey in life.”

Sally Koch, CSJ

Pat Hunt

“I found what I was looking for spiritually as an associate. Following the congregation’s charism of unifying love has filled that ‘want,’ that ‘need.’ Thirty-odd years later, I continue to be satisfied with that spiritual nourishment.”

Associate Pat Hunt

Become an Associate

Associates, named consociates in the St. Paul Province, ‘ohana in Hawaii, amigas in Peru and familia de San José in Chile (we abbreviate them all as ACOF), are women and men from various faith traditions, married and single, who extend the mission and share the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph without becoming vowed members.

Explore the Agrégée Call

The agrégée commitment is an emerging relationship in our congregation. Agrégées embrace our charism and mission of unifying love of God and the dear neighbor without distinction. They are called to make a deep commitment to our congregation and to each other in community.

Consociate Jennifer Tacheny

“The agrégée affiliation with the CSJ community calls me and my family to strive to live our lives within the CSJ mission, grounding us in life and spirit.”

Agrégée Jennifer Tacheny

St. Joseph Worker Lillia Smyers

“The amount of personal reflection and introspection I have gone through because of this program is life-changing. I have come to know myself in tremendous ways, which would have never been possible outside of the context of being a St. Joseph Worker.”

Lillia Smyers
St. Joseph Worker, 2020-21

Volunteer as a St. Joseph Worker

The St. Joseph Worker program is a year-long service opportunity for women in preparation for a lifelong commitment to social change and personal transformation. Individual growth and development are built on the values of leadership, spirituality, social justice and intentional community grounded in living simply and sustainably.

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The Living Tradition and Soda Can Chicken

When the Fuel the Body, Fuel the Soul program met on May 9th, Sister Nancy Marsh showed participants her recipe for soda can chicken. Following the recipe, Sister Mary McKay gave a presentation entitled, “The Living Tradition.”

The Call to Radical Love and Eggplant Parmesan

During the Fuel the Body, Fuel the Soul meeting on April 11th, Sister Rosemary Casaleno showed participants her recipe for healthier eggplant parmesan. Following the recipe, Sister Philonise Keithley gave a presentation entitled, “Jesus, Women and the Call to Radical Love.”

Finding God and Spaghetti Squash in the Garden

During the Fuel the Body, Fuel the Soul meeting on March 14th, Sister Anne McMullen demonstrated various ways to cook spaghetti squash. Following the recipe, Sister Judy Molosky gave a presentation entitled, “Finding God in the Garden.”

Table Fellowship and Oatmeal Pancakes

When Fuel the Body, Fuel the Soul met on December 14, Sister Monica Kleffner showed participants her recipe for Oatmeal Pancakes. Following the recipe, Sister Sally Harper gave a presentation entitled, “Jesus, the Host with the Most.”

Sisters, asssociates and partners at the U.S. Federation event in 2015
Sisters, associates and partners in mission from the Carondelet congregation at the 2015 U.S. Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph event.

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Additionally, every day there are small ways to partner with us in our mission.

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About us

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet are a congregation of Catholic sisters. We, and those who share our charism and mission, are motivated in all things by our profound love of God and our dear neighbors. We seek to build communities and bridge divides between people. Since our first sisters gathered in 1650, our members have been called to “do all things of which women are capable.” The first sisters of our congregation arrived in St. Louis, Missouri in 1836, and we now have additional locations in St. Paul, Albany, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Japan and Peru. Today, we commit to respond boldly to injustice and dare to be prophetic.


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