Albany Province

In spite of a heavy snowfall on April 15, 1858, the parishioners of St. Mary’s Oswego, New York, gave a warm, cordial welcome to four young sisters who had arrived from St. Louis, Missouri. Soon more sisters joined them and a day school was established, as well as an academy and a home for orphans. This pattern of ministry continued as sisters were invited to serve in various parishes throughout the diocese.

The Albany Province sisters offer many gifts to our broken world. They are mindful of the devastation to our planet and have worked to restore the Hudson River to pristine quality. They are dedicated to educating their students and constituencies about being responsible for Earth’s well-being.. One of the prized gifts is Carondelet Music Center. Founded in 1992, the Center fosters and encourages the inherent aesthetic, social and spiritual benefits of active music-making. The professional and dedicated staff strives to nurture and encourage a life-long love of music as they build on students’ interests and capabilities. They believe that musical appreciation and musical expression are important life skills. Not only do they enrich and expand the well-being of our society, as a cultural asset, active music participation assists individual growth in multiple capacities across the lifespan.

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