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Trees for Tacna carbon offset program

The sign outside of Fe y Alegría School in Tacna, Peru

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet are proud to partner with Catholic Climate Covenant to support the launch of an innovative program that will increase environmental sustainability in Tacna, Peru. Money raised through carbon offsets will allow students at Fe y Alegría (Faith and Joy) School in Tacna, where our sisters have worked since 1973, to raise and care for trees and create green space to beautify the students’ learning environment.

Trees for Tacna program

A group of young Fe y Alegría students give a thumbs up to the camera

The students will learn about environmental sustainability and agricultural skills for this desert area as they plant seedlings, create green space and nurture the trees they plant. This project has captured the imagination of the parents of the students and the mayor’s office who will be working closely with the school to ensure the success of this program.

This project replicates a scientific study in nearby Ica, Peru that showed that certain trees with deep roots are the best type of trees to thrive in this desert area and have a significant impact to reduce desertification.

The program will have three components:

  • Planting trees: High school students and their parents will plant and care for new trees outside the school and in the neighboring community. They will prepare signs to be placed near the trees to raise consciousness about sustaining the earth.
  • Creating green space: Grade school students will work to improve the gardens in the school and renew the trees that are in the school garden. Students from a nearby university are working with the Fe y Alegría students to create a green space within the school in an area that is now just hard-packed dirt. They are also planning murals for the interior of the school that will encourage care of the environment.
  • Environmental education: Working with two science teachers and a math teacher, the whole school, parents and the local community will learn about the project’s impact.
A dusty dry sidewalk and road next the Fe y Alegría School in Tacna, Peru
Trees will be planted in areas like this surrounding the Fe y Alegría School.

Support the Trees for Tacna project

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in partnership with Catholic Climate Action Projects, are offering a way for people to contribute to this project. On the Catholic Climate Action Projects’ website, you can calculate your carbon footprint for various trips you take or other ways you use fossil fuels. It will then suggest a donation amount to offset this carbon expenditure. Using your credit card, you can then donate that amount to support this program in Peru.

Although not a carbon offset in the most legalistic sense of the word, this program will grow trees that over time will pull carbon from the atmosphere. It will also educate and activate a generation of students at the Fe y Alegría School on environmental sustainability.

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  1. Avatar

    So much creativity! I visited Fe y Alegría School and loved every moment of it.

    This would be cool at some point in the future to do this everywhere our Sisters of Saint Jospeh of Carondelet are! Or maybe not everywhere (that is a lot of work) but in various locations.

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