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What would you like other women seeking religious life to know?

 Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

We are blessed to have a number of women who are newly professed or in formation to become members. We asked them to reflect on this question. Here is what they had to say.

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Stop rushing. Take some time to reflect and pray. Know that you are deeply loved and that you are not alone. Listen to the voice within.

Guadalupe Moore


Religious life is not only joining [a community of sisters], it is offering your relationship with the Divine and letting Him be in charge and shepherd all parts of our lives.

Iffat Peter


Especially for young Japanese women, I want them to know that Japanese churches are not the only form of faith. There are various forms of faith in the world. If you feel the call of God even a little, please jump out and take on the challenge.

Chizuru Yamada, CSJ

Newly Professed Sister

I would say, ‘Lord you are the center of my life.’ Walk according to the will of God. Keep saying to yourself. ‘Lord Jesus, I will go where you want me to go, do what you want me to do, say what you want me to say and give what you want me to give.’ Trust in the Lord your God, whom you witness and confess through your lips every day.  

Sumaira Sadaf


I want to say to them not to hesitate to start a new life. You don’t have to worry about your life. God is in charge of it. God is always taking care of you. 

Noriko Kuroki, CSJ


If you feel the Spirit nudging you to religious life, take a deep breath and try it out. Who knows, this lifestyle might be what brings you fully alive! 

Sally Koch, CSJ

Newly Professed Sister

Each of us is gifted with one precious, unique, wonderful life. However, time really is short! Don’t let your worries prevent you from following what is in your heart! Ask God to show you the next step in your life path. Since it takes years and years to become a fully professed sister, you really have nothing to lose by taking whatever next, first step you need to.

Kristina DeNeve, CSJ

Newly Professed Sister

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1 thought on “What would you like other women seeking religious life to know?”

  1. Avatar
    Roselani Enomoto CSJ

    Aloha, dear Iffat, Guadalupe, Sumaira, Chizuru, Sally, Noriko and Kristina,
    Thank You … Mahalo nui … for sharing your reflections on what each of you would like other women seeking religious life to know.
    What I would like YOU to know is that in my daily prayers and thoughts, I listen as best as I can to what the Lord wants me to hear NOW … sixty-six years of living as the Sister of St. Joseph that I am called to be. And in that listening, I hear your names and send you my love and peace.
    Lovingly, Roselani

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