Support our Sisters in Peru

Today, 22 Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet live and work in Peru. Living out the mission set forth for the Sisters of St. Joseph 367 years ago, they serve God and the dear neighbor without distinction. Our Sisters live in five communities in the cities of Lima and Tacna, where they support each other and share meals, prayer and laughter.

The estimated cost to support a Sister of St. Joseph in Peru for a year is $10,000. But salaries in Peru are low, even for professionals such as school teachers and administrators; the Sisters’ salaries alone are not enough to cover all of the expenses for our life and ministry, our health and well-being, as well as the education of our younger Sisters.

But there is another very important factor that must be taken into consideration. Our Sisters, as part of the Church of Latin America, have made a preferential option for the poor. If we are faithful to that option and choose to live and serve among the poor, we will never earn enough money to cover our living expenses and be able to contribute to the support of our ministries. That is why we need economic help. Our salaries alone cannot support the work we do in Peru. Please consider a gift to our Mission Fund to support the lives and ministry of our Sisters in Peru.

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