In mid-April, all of the province directors and the congregational director received letters from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL).  The letter was presented as a follow-up to the on-site visit to our congregation which occurred in St. Paul in November 2010, during Phase 3 of the Apostolic Visitation.

The letter received by Sr. Mary McKay invited her to come to Rome, with other congregational leaders if so desired, for a “prayerful conversation” with the staff of CICLSAL about a few points mentioned in the letter. The Congregational Leadership Team identified Mary and Mary Ann Leininger from the Congregational Leadership Team, and Jean Wincek, a member of the St. Paul Leadership Team who participated in all the phases of the Apostolic Visitation, as appropriate participants in such a conversation.

The Congregational Leadership Group discussed the value of sending these three leaders to Rome for a conversation about the few points identified in the letter.  We agreed that the benefits outweigh the challenges of expense and some inconvenience.  We want to share our reasoning with all of you:

We believe that taking advantage of this opportunity for a person-to-person conversation is in the spirit of the process used by LCWR leaders as they worked toward resolution of the doctrinal investigation. The way LCWR pursued successful resolution is an important example of how we can engage differences and misunderstandings between us and the hierarchy of our church. We want to “stay at the table” and participate in respectful dialogue. We want to communicate by our behavior that we see ourselves as their partners in continuing Christ’s mission. It is also potentially an opportunity for the staff of CICLSAL to deepen their understanding of women religious in our country.

We ask for your prayer during this time as we prepare for a “prayerful conversation” with our brothers at the CICLSAL office. At this time, there is a tentative date set for October.

   June 15th, 2016      Posted In: Congregation, Featured Stories