3a367f15246b82c375a12b63b42e7021_f1741From March 2-4 Sisters Diane Smith and Louise McDonald from the LA Province and Clare Bass from the St. Louis Province were privileged to participate in a Learning Lab at Presentation Center in Los Gatos, CA. Sr. Joellen Sbrissa of the Congregation of St. Joseph, also attended. The event was designed for leadership personnel, justice promoters and communication personnel from across the US.

Catching God’s Dream: Acting from our Contemplative Center, presented by Kathleen Pruitt, CSJP, was a time to recall and strengthen the deep grounding of the work for justice and peace-making in the heart of the gospel message and to remember and experience the essential relationship between contemplative consciousness and prophetic action for justice. The group explored the call to be contemplative critics, prophetic risk-takers and radical reconcilers. They looked at the dynamic interaction of critique, lament and vision in the effort to bring about God’s vision of the world.

Sr. Kathleen called on participants to remember that the world is already saved, to look at the world and the struggle for justice with Easter eyes, to practice outrageous hope and to remember that the struggle for justice is God’s work and God’s agenda. The time together was both enriching and grounding.

Written by S. Louise McDonald

   March 6th, 2015      Posted In: Congregation, Featured Stories, Los Angeles, St. Louis