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Study Group on Agrégées

While not an official congregational committee, a group of Sisters and ACOF have been researching the idea of Agrégées. You can find the results of their study in the Dropbox folder linked below.

Agregee Articles

Animation Committee

Created by the 2017 Extraordinary Congregational Chapter, the Animation Committee will develop processes and offer experiences for intra-congregational sharing for the purposes of deepening relationships across the congregation and offering opportunities for personal and communal transformation.

Committee Members: Rose Casaleno, Patrice Coolick, Angela Faustina, Meg Gillespie, Ruth Matos, Judy Molosky, and Ann Redmond. CLT Liaisons: Barbara Dreher and Danielle Bonetti

September 2017 Letter to the Congregation  English | Spanish

Animating Advent Reflection Series

Animating Easter Reflection Series

Innovation Committee

Created by the 2017 Extraordinary Congregational Chapter, the Innovation Committee will facilitate the development of models, processes, and timelines for moving toward a newly imagined simplified governance structure to be presented at the 2019 Congregational Chapter. There will be opportunities for ongoing dialogue and consultation throughout the congregation as models for governance are developed.

Committee Members: Jean deBlois, Sally Harper, Amy Hereford, Sue Jasko, Patty Johnson, Adele O’Sullivan, Sean Peters, and Katherine Rossini. CLT Liaisons: Mary Ann Leininger and Mary McKay

September 2017 Letter to the Congregation  English | Spanish


April 2018 letter to the congregation  English | Spanish | Japanese


New! Recommendation for Governance Across the Congregation

Kakehashi (formerly Seeding Our Future)

This group is made up of members of the congregation who were under age 62 in 2013 and those currently in formation.

Report from the third gathering  English | Spanish | Japanese

2019 Gathering: January 11-14, Los Angeles

Ad Hoc Earth Committee



Our Congregational Chapter 2013 committed us to act with urgency to protect Earth’s stability and integrity. To guide us in fleshing out that commitment, the Ad Hoc group on Communion within the Earth Community is inviting us to form discussion/prayer groups to help us move to action on behalf of Earth.

Committee Members: Danielle Bonetti, Liz Kerwin, Toni Nash, Lin Neil, Cathy Steffens, and Jeanene Yackey

Below are the modules released by the committee.

Letter to all sisters and ACOF (August 2016) English

Thank you to those who participated in our survey as we began our work. Compiled Survey Results

Congregational Selections Review Committee

Read the committee’s report and recommendations for the Selection Process for the 2019 Congregational Chapter.