Desiring to “deepen relationships among us,” our 2017 Extraordinary Chapter Animation Committee invites our sisters to pray our way through this holy season.

Each week of Advent/Christmastime, you will receive an email with suggested scripture and reflection questions for your personal prayer and small group sharing. Our Associates, Consociates, O’hana and Familia de San José will also receive these weekly prayer opportunities.

The Animation Committee hopes that praying together across the congregation during this season celebrating the Incarnation of “generous and courageous love” strengthens our bonds and re-energizes our turning “beyond ourselves to serve a world in need.”


Documents coming soon!

Introduction from the Animation Committee  English | Spanish

First Sunday of Advent  English | Spanish

Second Sunday of Advent  English | Spanish

Third Sunday of Advent  English | Spanish

Fourth Sunday of Advent  English | Spanish

Feast of Mary, Mother of God  English | Spanish

Feast of Epiphany  English | Spanish