Our Congregational Efforts for Election Reform

In response to the growing unrest over the election and the divide in our nation, we shared the statements put out by LCWR and the Federation to reflect on next steps to repair our democracy, eliminate white privilege and contribute to building a more perfect union. Additionally, we provided a Novena for Solidarity, Peace, and Justice. Our next step as we journey farther is to support H.R.1, the For the People Act, currently introduced as the first bill of this new legislative session. This bill addresses election reform, making it easier, not harder to vote; ending the dominance of big money in our politics, and ensuring public officials work for the public interest.

Download our two-page position paper on H.R.1

We are promoting three action items to support H.R.1:

1. Ask your U.S. Representative to Cosponsor H.R.1,
2. Send a Letter to the Editor
3. Schedule an online conversation with your U.S. Representative

We have prayed for peace and justice. Now it is time for us to act to address the systemic racism and injustice that have so negatively impacted our election laws. Together we can make a difference!

Action 1 – Contact Your U.S. Representative

The first action is to contact your U.S.Representative in the United States Congress and ask them to co-sponsor this bill and support its rapid movement through the House Committee process.

Action 2 – Send a Letter to the Editor

Our second action is to increase public awareness of this bill by getting as many letters to the editor published as possible. Often receiving 10-12 letters from different people having similar concerns about an issue will be enough for editors to publish a single letter. Adding a response to an article in their paper helps them know you are a reader. Right now, there are many articles being published related to election reform, so this is a timely topic.

Action 3 – Schedule a Meeting with Your U.S. Representative

Our third action is to encourage you to set up an online visit with your U.S. Representative or their aides to discuss the request that they co-sponsor a bill. Sometimes, we have gathered a group to attend this meeting. We have prepared a two-page position paper that will help you to be prepared for this visit. Sister Patty Johnson is available to help any group that feels like they need a subject matter specialist to help them be prepared to meet with their Representative. She can even attend your meeting if it gives you more confidence. We will plan visits with our Senators at a later time when this bill is being considered in the Senate.

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