Pam Harding through the years

Pam Harding, CSJ retires after 18 years of service to the congregation

Who holds the record for long-term service in the Congregational Center? CSJ history buffs are going to say Mother Agatha Guthrie, who was either assistant or superior or superior general from 1866 to 1904. We think the next in line is Sister Mary Pamela (Pam) Harding who is completing 18 years as the executive assistant in the Congregational Center.

Pam began serving in this position when the 2002-2008 team began their term of office and has served three more teams. In the congregational office, Pam is the person who knows where everything is and who the “go-to” people are. When she began this service, the congregational office was still on the campus of St. Joseph’s Academy. Pam started with the congregation just after retiring from administration at the Academy, so she didn’t have far to move. However, she was destined to help move the Congregational Center twice during her tenure.

Now, after all these years of dedication, Pam is moving into a well-deserved retirement. In these years of quiet, competent service, Pam has taken care of almost all the correspondence with Rome, civil lawyers, and vice/province leaders and their staffs. She has tabulated congregational surveys, handled the paperwork for canonical issues, coordinated translations, compiled the yearly statistics report for Rome, and helped coordinate the details of four congregational chapters. Any wonder she is ready to retire?

The new team has relied heavily on Pam these first six months of their term. “We are glad Pam is not going far,” said Sally Harper. “I am sure we will be calling her when we need to tap into her vast reservoir of knowledge.”

Pam’s 50th Jubilee celebration was to have been this August until the coronavirus upended all those plans. If it’s within human power, that’s not going to stop the retirement party. We are planning to celebrate and thank her for her wonderful contributions later this summer.

Our sisters from near and far who have known and worked with Pam know untold details about how she has served the congregation well and generously.

THANK YOU, PAM! Enjoy the reward of freedom retirement promises. You deserve it!

   June 19th, 2020      Posted In: Congregation, Featured Stories, In The News, St. Louis