Plastic Free July 2021

Plastic Free July - Join the challenge

Join us for this month of education, engagement, action and prayer as we examine the crisis that plastics are creating for our environment. Every day in July, we invite you to join us in an action–either a short educational piece or an activity to complete. You won’t need more than five minutes for each, and we hope it will inspire deeper ecological awareness and conversion.

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We will be posting about the daily calls to action on our social media accounts and using the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly. Some of our daily posts will feature videos of sisters and associates who have made changes in their plastic consumption. If you use Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, you can help this online campaign reach more people by liking, commenting and sharing our posts.

Daily calls to action

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July 1

🎞️ Watch the video Open Your Eyes 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

Jeff Bridges and the Plastic Pollution Coalition open our eyes to the immensity of the plastic crisis.

July 2

🎞️ Watch the video Breathe This Air 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

In this video from the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Sharon LaVigne of Rise St. James highlights the intersections of racism and plastic pollution.

July 3

📰 Read the report Plastic & Climate: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet

🇪🇸 El Plastico y la Salud

This report examines each of these stages of the plastic lifecycle, major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, sources of uncounted emissions and uncertainties that likely lead to underestimation of plastic’s climate impacts.

July 4

✍️ Take the Plastic Pollution Pledge

The Plastic Pollution Coalition invites you to take the 4 Rs Pledge to refuse, reuse, reduce, and recycle.

July 5

📰 Watch the video The Story of Plastic: Where Your Recycled Plastic Ends Up 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

Where does your plastic recycling go after you toss it in the bin? You might be surprised!

July 6

🛒 Review our Eco-Product List

What action can I take today to reduce my consumption of single-use plastic? Look through our list of products compiled by our sisters that can help you reduce your usage of plastic in the first place, and see if you see a change you’d like to make.

July 7

💻 Watch the webinar Plastics: The Last Straw for Big Oil?
📰 Read the corresponding report

Check these resources out for a more in-depth look at our plastics problem. As You Sow has produced a webinar and an extensive report that highlights the oversupply of plastic production capacity over the global need, important new studies about plastics and biodegradable plastics and the perspective from communities organizing to stop plants from locating or expanding in their area, including information about Formosa Plastics.

July 8

🎞️ Watch the video The Story of Plastic (Animated Short) 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

This four-minute animated documentary from The Story of Stuff takes a sweeping look at the human-made crisis of plastic pollution and its impact on the health of our planet.

July 9

🎞️ Watch the video Plastic Soup: The biggest soup in the world! 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

This humorous one-minute video highlights how much plastic we are consuming.

July 10

✍️ Tell your representatives you want to Break Free from Plastic

91% of plastic is never recycled.  If you are concerned about plastic pollution, then click here to contact your Congressional leaders and urge them to co-sponsor and support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2021. An additional option is to send a letter to your local newspaper, urging your community to support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act.

July 11

🎞️ Watch the video How microplastics affect your health 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

This video from the United Nations Environment Programme shows why we should gain back control over plastic in our lives.

July 12

✍️ Sign the petition No, Coca-Cola, Consumers Do NOT Want Plastic Bottles.

Sign a petition to tell Coca-Cola to sell their products in sustainable containers.

July 13

📰 Read the article Does your personal ecological conversion make a difference to the planet?

Spoiler alert! Writer Barbara Fraser argues in EarthBeat that individual actions do make a difference.

July 14

📱 Download the app My Little Plastic Footprint

This app helps you reduce your plastic footprint by going on a plastic diet with sustainable alternatives.

July 15

📰 Read and contemplate a quote from Laudato Si

🇪🇸 Cita Laudato Si

July 16

✍️ Tell your representatives to protect our drinking water from microplastics!

Use a quick tool to send an email to your representatives asking them to pass legislation to protect our water from microplastics.

July 17

🎞️ Watch the video #BrandAudit2020 Reveals this Year’s Top Plastic Polluters 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

This short video from Break Free From Plastic reveals the top corporate plastic polluters globally to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

July 18

💻 Visit the webpage #WeChooseReuse

This website page helps you learn about four ways we can replace single-use plastic with reusable systems.

July 19

📰 Read the report The Global Commitment 2020 Progress Report

This report updates us on the progress on the Global Commitment to be completed by 2025 made by more than 500 organizations to eliminate the plastic items we don’t need; innovate so all plastics we do need are designed to be safely reused, recycled or composted; and circulate everything we use to keep it in the economy and out of the environment.

July 20

🎞️ Watch the video The Story of Plastic: Manila’s Zero Waste Neighborhoods 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

Zero-waste communities, like this effort in the Philippines, are emerging around the world. Many localities are banning plastic bags or plastic foam takeout containers. Activists are pressuring manufacturers to take responsibility for the waste their products generate and to build solutions into product designs.

July 21

✍️ Tell your representatives to co-sponsor the CLEAN Future Act

We face catastrophic consequences of climate change.   Click here to urge your congressional representative to co-sponsor HR 1512, The Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s (CLEAN) Future Act.  This bill offers a clear path to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

July 22

🎞️ Watch the video President-Elect Biden: Be a #PlasticFreePresident 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

Urge President Biden to be a plastic-free president.

July 23

🎞️ Watch the video #breakfreefromplastic: How to do a Brand Audit 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

How you can participate in holding corporations accountable for the plastic pollution they are creating?

July 24

🎞️ Watch Trash TV

For every view of this one-minute video, Free the Ocean will remove one piece of trash from the ocean surrounding Hawai’i.

July 25

❓Answer a trivia question at Free the Ocean

For every trivia question answered, they will remove one piece of plastic from the ocean. You don’t even have to be right!

July 26

🎞️ Watch the video Break Free From Plastic to Save Our Oceans 🇪🇸 🇯🇵

The #breakfreefromplastic movement is engaging people around the world in reducing plastic in their homes, schools and communities.

July 27

📱 Check out the Marine Debris Tracker

Learn how to download and use this National Geographic app that allows you to track plastics near our waterways.

July 28

📰 Read the article Health and Environmental Impacts of Single-Use Plastic

The Plastic Pollution Coalition provides a quick overview of the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans.

July 29

📰 Read the article The Production of Plastic

🇪🇸 la producción de plástico

🇯🇵 プラスチックの生産 

July 30

🙏 Mediate on Creation

Take a few moments to reflect using this Meditation on Creation from the Catholic Climate Covenant.

🇪🇸 Medita en la creación

🇯🇵 創造について瞑想する

July 31

✍️ Sign the petition Stop plastic pollution

Join the Greenpeace campaign to break free from plastic and send a tweet when you sign on.