We commit to implementing Laudato Si’

In 2019, we agreed: “Urgent needs call us, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Associates, Consociates, ‘Ohana and Familia de San José, to bold conversation and prophetic action. Striving to be beacons of hope, we commit to respond to the crisis of Earth and global warming.”

We commit, individually and communally, to recognizing how our decisions impact the Earth community; to raising our awareness and changing behaviors; to acting with urgency to protect Earth’s stability and integrity; and to celebrating her beauty wherever we are.

Annually, we communally celebrate Earth Day, Plastic Free July and the Season of Creation.

Take action via our Plastic Free July 2021 webpage

Actions you can take

Join us in some of our communal actions to address the crisis of Earth.

We have developed the following resources in multiple languages

Presentations on the crisis of Earth and global warming

Be-Attitudes of Care for Our Common Home presentation by Lin Neil, CSJ (30 minutes) an overview of Laudato Si’ illustrated with the artwork of Marion Honors, CSJ  | Las Be-Actitudes para el Cuidado de nuestro Hogar Comun

Living Simply in a Consumer Society by Linda Neil, CSJ (38 minutes) illustrated with the artwork of Marion Honors, CSJ  |  Vivir Simple en una Socíedad de Consumo

International Perspectives on Single-Use Plastics (65 minutes) Dea Wehrli speaks about her work on the United Nations’ report on Single-Use Plastics and the impact they have internationally.

Ecological Conversion

Ecological Conversion: Going Deeper, Journeying Farther, Responding Boldly and Creatively by Patty Johnson, CSJ (38 minutes)  |  Conversión ecológica: profundizar, ir más lejos, responder con audacia y creatividad

Prayer and Action on Laudato Si’, A Guide to Conversion and Transformation (November 2015) English | Spanish | Japanese


Information on Microplastics by Donna Gibbs, CSJ

How Plastic Waste Effects the World by Diane Smith, CSJ  |  Cómo los residuos plásticos afectan al mundo

Climate Change is Different from Any Other Issue

Pledge to reduce our carbon footprint

Plastic Production presentation by Toni Nash, CSJ

A video from our sisters and partners in ministry around the world sharing the impact of single-use plastics in their lives

Meet The Polymers by Donna Gibbs, CSJ

Lenten Earth Practice (March 2015) English | Spanish

Food: What We Eat Connects Us (April 2015) English | Spanish | Japanese

The Same Water Flows Through All of Us (July 2015) English | Spanish

Prayer Services

Season of Creation Prayers

Creating a New Earth Prayer Service (March 2020)