At our last congregation-wide gathering, the Sisters of St. Joseph were called to enter into a conversion process, moving beyond what we have thought was sacred to seeing the whole Earth community as a sacrament of divine presence. In presenting these materials, we hope to engage the mind, heart, and will of each of us in this conversion process.

Attention to the needs of the dear neighbor is not new to us. We have been hearing this call for hundreds of years. Now, however, we are realizing, ever more deeply that our neighbors are the whole Earth community–exquisitely beautiful, abundantly generous, rightfully wounded, and desperate for the human to reconnect with the web of life before it is too late. We acknowledge that there is a great deal that we are doing, and even so we are being invited into a new way of being, knowing that we are always called to MORE.

Please download the guides below and use for group prayer or personal reflection.

Lenten Earth Practice (March 2015) English | Spanish

Food: What We Eat Connects Us (April 2015) English | Spanish | Japanese

The Same Water Flows Through All of Us (July 2015) English | Spanish

Prayer and Action on Laudato Si (November 2015) English | Spanish | Japanese

Potential Partners for Action (June 2016) English

Download a sign to put on your desk or table to remind you to consider the impact of your actions on the Earth community.

See our ideas for ways you to can recognize the anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si in June 2016.