Throughout Advent, we’ll be sharing reflections on the day’s readings written by a few of our Sisters. Each will share something she is thankful for during this season of preparation, that is, her Advent Appreciation. Share your own #AdventAppreciation with us on Facebook or Twitter!


Today’s Advent Appreciation: Purpose

December 21, 2017 – Thursday of the Third Week of Advent

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by Sister Char Madigan

I confess neither the idea of God as a lover nor myself as a bride of Christ, work for me. Yet, I love how the Bible writers use metaphors to express their faith about who and where God is. They name cliffs, wombs, song, gazelles. The list goes on, interspersed with story after story. More, I hear them say Emmanuel: God’s abode is us and our home, Earth.

So for me, the heart of our city and all hearts are sacred, wounded, battered, broken…from attacks, loving, losing. Through the cracks in the concrete, a rose blooms somehow.

I bow down, cry thanks. My heart soars, sings, and at once rages at violence and domination. For me, in Advent, I don’t wait for God to come. Jesus didn’t bring God to earth 2,000 years ago. Eons earlier, before our Earth was born, God implanted God’s self in the DNA of all life.

A gift and a challenge.

Instead, God waits for broken, wounded me to receive holy communion every minute, everywhere, and then, go, do as Jesus did: feed as I have been fed. That’s the theme I found, the purpose of life. I wonder what you found.

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