Throughout Advent, we’ll be sharing reflections on the day’s readings written by a few of our Sisters. Each will share something she is thankful for during this season of preparation, that is, her Advent Appreciation. Share your own #AdventAppreciation with us on Facebook or Twitter!


Today’s Advent Appreciation: Home

December 24, 2017 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

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by Sister Sara Sanders

David lived in his palace; Mary lived with her family in a simple village home. And where do I live? Is my home large and well-appointed or small but cozy with furniture handed down over time; or is it a room in someone else’s house, a shelter bed or just my car (like the prophets who were “homeless” in the desert)?

I am grateful that it doesn’t seem to matter to our God; grateful that God extends an invitation to people who live in elegant or simple houses or are without permanent homes. David, the prophets, Mary — all heard God’s call in their “homes” but the important thing was not where they lived, but how they responded to God’s invitation.

As I approach the joyous days of Christmas, I want to make my simple, plantation house a home where God is welcomed and responded to.

So I ask: How am I answering God’s invitation as it comes to me in the family and friends who gather in my house? As I share the resources of my home with those whose names are on the Giving Tree? As I celebrate Emmanuel who makes a home in us?

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