Throughout Advent, we’ll be sharing reflections on the day’s readings written by a few of our Sisters. Each will share something she is thankful for during this season of preparation, that is, her Advent Appreciation. Share your own #AdventAppreciation with us on Facebook or Twitter!


Today’s Advent Appreciation: Help!

December 14, 2017 – Thursday of the Second Week of Advent

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by Sister Mary Ellen Curtin

The powerful and poetic words of Isaiah speak to my heart. “I am here for you. I have grasped you by your hand. I will help you with whatever is needed.” Most of us have been brought up to rely on ourselves; to be strong, independent and self- sufficient. Actually we are all quite vulnerable, fearful and not sure of ourselves. In our readings today, our God wants us to know where our true help lies.

Recently my dearest friend died, and I was overwhelmed by all the help of family, friends and neighbors. Even now as I walk each day, someone will stop me to ask, “What can I do for you?” “How can I help?” It is for me to accept the help that is offered.

Our loving God is saying the same to us today. It is a full circle: giving and receiving, not one without the other. It is an encounter, a lovely dance.

Who needs my help today? Is it a neighbor, a refugee, a loved one, our beautiful earth? Where do I need help?

Loving God, may we go hand-in-hand today, giving and receiving.

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