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Today’s Advent Appreciation: Constructing Justice

December 7, 2017 – Thursday of the first week of Advent

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by Sister Carol Brouillette

Miracles of healing, of robots and instant media connection are in stark contrast with the day-to-day experiences of our parents’ and our own younger selves. Today, on every side we are troubled by breaking news of current tragedies, disasters, saber rattling and populations who lack safe shelter and livelihood. The list seems endless and grows daily.

Perusing today’s Scriptures, an immediate answer is not obvious. In Isaiah 26, we hear: “Here is a strong city, and liberation will be its walls and ramparts. Open the gates! Let the upright nation enter.“ This is followed by an immediate caution, a lesson about its being “leveled and trampled.” Why was the strong city not able to sustain itself with its former confidence?

The answer may be found in the Gospel, where Jesus chides the individual homebuilder, who doesn’t check if the land is able to support the foundation. How foolish! It will not last. This is the closing chapter of the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7), the new Law for all Christians. Hmmmm…

Upon reflection, I see a link between this Gospel message and a current phenomenon: the proliferation of Tiny Houses. Both St. Louis and Denver have recently begun programs to provide these small structures along with other services to people experiencing homelessness. The builders of these homes are quite literally constructing justice!

Each of us has opportunities to actively embrace Isaiah’s and Jesus’s message to build on a foundation that reflects justice for all. May this Advent be our time for building justice!

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