Throughout Advent, we’ll be sharing reflections on the day’s readings written by a few of our Sisters. Each will share something she is thankful for during this season of preparation, that is, her Advent Appreciation. Share your own #AdventAppreciation with us on Facebook or Twitter!


Today’s Advent Appreciation: Comfort

December 10, 2017 – Second Sunday of Advent

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by Sister Kathie McLaughlin

The very first words of today’s reading from Isaiah remind us of God’s care for each of us and for all God’s people. “Comfort, give comfort to my people, says your God.” And so, God not only gives comfort; God calls on all of us to do the same: give comfort. So many people are in need of comfort. We can help.

But first, Advent is a time when we reflect on how God comes into our lives. We might ask: where else can we experience God’s comfort except where we are? God’s presence and comfort come to us as we find comfort in family, friends and neighbors and communities, and sometimes even strangers. That’s where God’s Spirit lives. We can recognize in what specific and daily ways we receive God’s comfort.

We ask in today’s response to the psalm of the day, “God, let us see your kindness….” We also might pray, “God, let us BE your kindness.” The world needs kindness. We can help. Let us be agents of kindness! Let’s spread God’s comfort as much as we can!

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